Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Public Enemies

Public Enemies is a movie staring Johnny Depp as the notorius bank robber John Dilinger. Dilinger robbed banks all throughout the United States during the time of the Great Depession. Despite many attempts to stop him, police at this time did not have an answer for Dilinger and he continously robbed bank after bank without any problems. The movie itself is filled with action packed drama and egde of your seat type action. I recently bought it on blu-ray and I strongly recomend it to everyone. Johnny Depp once again out does himself as he portrays the well known theif. In addition to Depp, the cast also includes Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) who plays the detective trying to find Dilinger. Throughout the entire movie, there is a continous mind game being played between Depp and Bale's characters which once again adds to the suspense. Click here for more info on the movie.

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